Investment not charity

Partnering with businesses, churches, & leaders to invest in impoverished communities


What We Do

We enter impoverished communities with a toolbox & a network of relationships. That’s it. Some of our tools are micro enterprise, business training, project management, and capital investment. We build relationships with these communities and join them in lasting partnerships with our network of churches & socially minded organizations. Simply put, we act as a bridge for our partners to resource impoverished communities.


Think lemonade stand only better.  A little cash can quench a neighborhood.

Business Training

Common sense isn’t obvious.  Our business leaders distill and transfer key knowledge to cultivate growing businesses.

Project Management

We are all headed in a direction, project management ensures that the route is known and ordered. Every project needs a little OCD.

Capital Investment

Love Money makes the world go round (love makes it worth spinning).

International Networking

Facebook has connections, so do we and now those connections are yours.

Value Chain Analysis

Each step from farm to market is critical. We ensure each step excels to maximize benefit. Don’t leave money on the table.

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Our Process

  • Immersion First, we interview and extensively research potential communities. Once a community is selected, enliven team members will relocate in order to be immersed, daily, within that community.
  • Opportunity From there we listen and work collectively to identify opportunity. That could be anything from an untapped resource, to a potential business idea.
  • Partner Simultaneously, we develop relationships with partners. These partners can be anyone, from corporate businesses to churches, with resources and hopes to build something great and cultivate lasting relationships.
  • Match Next, we match the goals and resources of our partners with the opportunities of an impoverished community.
  • Cultivate With partners established we collaboratively use our tools to create plans and produce results. Success is achieved when the relationship is self sustaining.

Our Project

We take on projects of all kinds – product distribution, livestock, sewing, agriculture, coffee, chocolate, weaving, or lending – anything that can revitalize a community by unlocking resources, skills, and dreams. Our projects are sustainable, replicable, and scalable. Each project is designed to be mutually beneficial for our partners and communities. Visit The Cacao Project page to learn about our most recent endeavor – a venture in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

The Cacao Project

Getting into the Chocolate Business


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